Reflections from H&V Leadership Conference D.C. 2019-Parent Guide Kelly Cashion

 Reflections from H&V Leadership Conference D.C. 2019-Parent Guide Kelly Cashion

*We will have 9 Blog posts from our 9 GA H&V team members that went to the Annual Hands & Voices Leadership Conference this past September in Washington D.C. at Gallaudet University. Gallaudet is the world's only Deaf/Hard of Hearing University. *

H&V Leadership Conference 2019

Our Team exploring the Gallaudet Campus & Museum 

                I love history and museums. I enjoy learning about the past and how society has changed into the present culture. Where better to explore history and museums than in Washington, DC? I would have loved that opportunity, however, jobs, family and life happened and I was unable to spend much time at all discovering all that DC has to offer. It is on my bucket list to go back! 

One museum I did get to was the one right on the campus of Gallaudet University (see pic above.) It contained artifacts and information that described the humble beginnings of the school, the history of ASL and, most importantly, the students and people of the University. It was such an inspiration to learn of how deaf and hard of hearing people have overcome challenges. It was also interesting to learn of how the students have ensured that they have a say in the administration of their school and that their rights and best interests are kept as the priority. As the only American university for the deaf and hard of hearing, Gallaudet has impacted and shaped not only the students and Deaf community, but it has had an impact on the American culture as a whole. How awesome it is to know that our own children live in a day and age in which the future as a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person is so promising.  Thank you, Hands & Voices, for once again for hosting this annual gathering of parents and professionals so that we may continue to advance the future of our children.

 -Parent Guide Kelly Cashion

Side Story-by Scarlett Giles
I wanted to share a story about Kelly Cashion. Parent Guide Kelly Cashion, ASTra Advocate Vicki Hilpp, & GA H&V, GBYS Coordinator Scarlett Giles got 2nd place in the "H&V's Got Talent" show.  Below is a picture of our talent show team, which was made up of H&V people from all across the country. Our team came up with the concept of performance art of the Washington Monument, honestly, as a joke. Maybe... it started out in my mind and came out my mouth. Other teams had performed synchronized dancing, singing, signing, but we walked on stage and stood silent like the Washington Monument (see pic) &  held our hands in the sign for love.  AWKWARD silence, but then Laura Godfrey from Minnesota takes the microphone and says a quote we found, "Some moments, are monuments...preserve them forever. " then she mic dropped and the crowd went wild.
The conference is always filled with so many laughs!!

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