GA H&V, GBYS Training/Retreat 2019

Georgia Hands & Voices Family,
GA H&V, Guide By Your Side Program recently had their annual training/retreat at a cabin in Blue Ridge. We would like to share a few memorable moments/ideas we had in hopes you might benefit from them too. 

Page 1-We worked on building Culture as a team. We want you to know who we are.

Page 2-The job as a Parent Guide requires strategy, but also requires self-reflecting. We are living what we are working as we have children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. We wanted to share a beautiful poem, Welcome to Holland. 

Page 3-At the training we talked about situations & solutions. One theory, that we use to teach encountering emotions & how to effectively help others, is the Ring or Circle Theory. It is a simple concept, but it takes practice. We would love to share it with you since we all encounter tragedies around us everyday. 
Page 4-We would like to tell you that we are examining & acknowledging our culture here in Georgia. We know that poverty, ethnicity, & family dynamics/traditions have a role on outcomes for children with hearing loss. We are looking at planning future events with this in mind. We also discussed the differences within the HL community. Finally, we ended the training/retreat with a sacred & special tradition, The H&V Naming Circle. -Scarlett Giles, GA H&V, GBYS Program Coordinator