GA H&V, GBYS February Love Letters Blog Event- You've got mail! Letter #3

Ga H&V, GBYS February Love Letters Blog Event
You've got mail! Letter #3

To my son:
You have brought me so much joy in the last 16 years. Your spunkiness and strong will have both inspired me and drove me crazy! I joke that you have given me all my gray hairs. Your determination is inspiring. You have always had a smile and charm and way about you that lights up a room and draws people to you.

Your hearing loss is only one part of you. It hasn’t stopped you from being a great athlete or a great student. Most importantly, your hearing loss hasn’t gotten in the way for being the kind-hearted, caring person you are. You are created perfectly and God has created a perfect plan for your life; your hearing loss is a perfect part of his plans for you!

Although you have challenges because of your hearing loss, it has also taught you and me so much. It has allowed me to have more empathy and understanding for other parents and people.  I have met some awesome kids, parents and families because of your hearing loss. And the same is true for your father, your brother and your sister. 

Thank you for blessing us and loving us the way we love you, Caleb!

-Written by Kelly Cashion, GA H&V Parent Guide

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